Wrestling Wrap Up: Why SmackDown Was a Let Down

There's an ample amount of assorted odds and ends to get to this week, but first on the docket, let's discuss the end of SmackDown Live this week.

...What in the hell?

Let me just say that I'm all in on Luke Harper being the (assumed) contender for Bray's title at WrestleMania. Sure AJ deserves it because we love AJ and want nothing but the moon and stars above for him, but AJ vs Bray isn't all that grabbing. Luke fits into the Wyatt family implosion storyline and I think he's an uber talented dude who could thrive on his own. Plus, Randy may even decide that now, after Luke is named the challenger, he wants to be in the match. To protect Bray. Or, you know, "protect" Bray. Then we get a Wyatt triple threat.

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